Born in 2008, the result of a dream and the innovative spirit of those who believe that life has meaning only when it thinks and is realized.

Connoisseurs of the Pharmaceutical market define our lines in steps over time. The first years facing the business of Pharmacy, as a priority target in ensuring experience to then give continuity to the growth of the Company. The Hospitar market was the starting point for the internationalization of the same through the ONCOLOGY, embracing projects for the development of this specialty in African countries. Our mission is to provide and supporting these projects, leading to them solutions to their needs. We are trained by a team with experience and constant training so that their competence is the guarantor of a quality service.

The development promotion and knowledge of our customers are priority factors for the growth and development of our Company.

”Small opportunities are the beginning of great enterprises”



Develop, promote and publicize our products and medicines to pharmacies providing distribution services and commercial conditions for their activity. We are also a company that specializes in international trade where the solidarity component is always present.
Our mission is to provide quality service, presenting our customers with innovative solutions that are the guarantor of capital gains and thus create trust and union ties, always respecting their identity.
S – Serve

E – Elucidating

M – Modernising

E – Engaging

D – Dedicate

Our Commitments

The SEMED is a company governed by the seriousness and professional ethics. Our main focus is our customers, for which we strive to develop relationships for life. Not forgetting the identity of each and every country we find solutions to your needs.
In logistical planning, we offer a team capable of responding to the needs presented, managing hospital waste by optimizing stock`s.
We are a company focused on serving our customers well.

“We should not be afraid of new ideas. They can mean the difference between success and failure.”

SEMED do export in all therapeutic areas as well as hospital and Consumables material.
We have carried out the distribution by all national and international territory in accordance with Good Distribution Practice.
SEMED, a company with a Staff trained to respond to all questions of our customers.
It has a clean room as well as trained staff for the treatment of cytotoxic by virtue of being engaged in oncology.
Storage according to National / International Standards, cold chain controlled as the Good Practices.

New image SEMED!

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